The current user balance in Duino-Coin.

User balance


This is the total efficiency for AVR/ESP and PC mining. Every new AVR/ESP mining connection has the efficiency of the connection before * 0,96 and every PC mining connection * 0,8 of the connection before.


Your Miners efficiency



This card show the hashrate for each device group as well as the connections for each device group. On the left side are two gauges one for the total hashrate (maximum calculated by Kolkas max value) and the other one for the total user connections to the server.



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all informations about your miners which belong to that category.

All Miners

Click on an image to see all your miners.

LIVE= DUCOs per day calculated live from the difference in the users balance
LAST 5m= DUCOs per day based on the difference in the users balance in the last 5 minutes.


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LIVE: DUCOs Per month: Loading
This card shows possible problems with your miners based on common issues.

Problems (Beta)

We have not been able to analyse your Miners.







Net energy

Miner distribution

The Duino-Coin Miner chart shows the miner distribution from the main server. But keep in mind that one single PC can make multiple connections and thous shrink the Arduino/ESP side.

Balance distribution

This chart shows the distribution of coins in the network. Keep in mind that some of the top 10 accounts are exchange platforms like Node-s.

Price chart

This is the estimated price chart for the different services and exchange platforms.

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Current rewards:

Last update: 22:45 29/09/22

This data gets updated every 15 minutes and was created by the real made ducos in this time period by the duco community. If some value is 0 this is propably due to an error of our test devices and doesn't mean you will get 0 ducos/d.

Thanks to LooTTaxi for supporting this test

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